Village requests residents do not flush wipes down toilets.


As toilet paper falls into short supply, many people may be considering "wipes" in lieu of toilet paper. Many of these products claim to be flush-able. However, tests have proven that many of these wipes do not degrade rapidly and can clog sewers and pumps. It is very important that we avoid flushing these products down the toilet. An overabundance of clogged pumps will tax our staff beyond normal capabilities and could cause significant negative impacts to the operation of our public sewer system and your private sewer laterals.

If we all use a little bit of caution when deciding what we flush, our system will function just fine.

If you are forced to use wipes due to a lack of toilet paper, please place these items in the trash. Extra measures can be considered to avoid an accumulation of used wipes in your open trash by placing them in smaller bags and disposing them in your trash can or cart on a frequent basis.

Thank you for your due diligence. These are unprecedented times and we appreciate your help in keeping our infrastructure up and running.

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